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AeroBus – Upwards Operation

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Upwards operation

AeroBus is a compact and non-invasive system which guarantees excellent access to the interior space even in small furniture. Easy mounting on the cabinet and rapid fixing on the door with a "click" and without hinges. Damper included for a controlled and silent closure of the door. Complete and accurate adjustment system. Force adjustment, based on door weight and sizes, for a freehold in every position and freewheel SlowMotion of the door. Technical specifications: • Upwards operation • Easy and rapid assembly with click-on door fixing • No hinges required • No stabilization bar required • Door and weight adjustments • SlowMotion technology for controlled and silent closing Made in Italy  

AeroLift – Upwards Assisted Lifter

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Technical specifications: • Upwards assisted lifter • Covers 85°, 90° and 95° angles • 32 mm standard cabinet drilling • Assisted opening • Possible to combine with OneTouch mechanism for handleless application

AeroWing – The Three in one Lifter

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3 solutions, 1 product

Based around  a strong and secure mechanism able to provide three solutions with one product. Opening with freehold door in every position, freewheel  door with SlowMotion final closing silent and controlled, flapstay door with break.


The new AeroWing system is incredibly affordable and in pleasant contradiction to the current high-end frenzy in that type of application. The system works perfectly well and with an absolute right cost it provides many applications for the forniture of all the whole house.


Whilst high end-solutions perform thanks to massive deployment of mechanism, AeroWing deploys showroom efficiency with very simple means. The functionality is convincing, the showroom effect is exciting and the economic coherence is profit-boosting.

Technical specifications

  • The three in one lifter solution:
  • self holding in all positions
  • self lifting and SlowMotion
  • flap with brake
  • 32mm standard cabinet drilling
  •  Covers 75°, 90° and 105° angles
  • Combined with SlowMotion hinges, it confers a perfect movement to the door