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Chipboard Screws CSK Head with 4 Nibs PHILLIPS

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Chipboard Screws Countersunk Head with 4 Nibs - PHILLIPS Head

  • 8g Chipboard screws with 4 knibs.
  • No. 2 Phillips Head
  • Screws. Finish: zinc plated and waxed
  • 20mm and 25mm are available in full thread and rest sizes have 2/3 thread
  • Packing 1000pcs / box for sizes (25mm - 57mm).
  • Size 65mm (8g) and 75mm (8g)- 500pcs / box
  • Size 75mm (10g) and 100mm (10g) - 200pcs /box
  • Price quoted for 1000pcs
  • Made in Taiwan