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Bostik ABS Cleaner – AW802

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Bostik ABS Cleaner - AW802


Mild Solvent Cleaner

Anchor Weld 802 is a mild solvent mixture which has been designed for the cleaning of plastic surfaces such as ABS, melamine and PVC. Can be used Residential, Commercial and Industrial purpose


  • Will not damage sensitive plastic surfaces if used in accordance with directions
  • Low odour
  • Fast drying
  • Easily remove excess adhesive
  • Improves appearance of finished items
  • Cleaning of moulded plastic components
  • Removal of adhesive residues
  • ABS
  • Melamine
  • PVC
Size: 20 Ltrs

Bostik Cleaner / Thinner 901

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Bostik Cleaner / Thinner

AW 901 Cleaner / Thinner is a specifically formulated solvent blend that is ideally suited for cleaning off dried water based and solvent based adhesives, such as spillage and adhesive overspray's.
  • Used for Residential and Commercial purpose


    • AW 901 Cleaner / Thinner is especially suitable for use with solvent based contact adhesives
    • For cleaning metal tools
    • Cleaning / Soaking metal spray gun parts and scrapers
    • AW brush, roller, and scraper grade contact adhesives
Size: 20 Ltrs