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AeroBus – Upwards Operation

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Upwards operation

AeroBus is a compact and non-invasive system which guarantees excellent access to the interior space even in small furniture. Easy mounting on the cabinet and rapid fixing on the door with a "click" and without hinges. Damper included for a controlled and silent closure of the door. Complete and accurate adjustment system. Force adjustment, based on door weight and sizes, for a freehold in every position and freewheel SlowMotion of the door. Technical specifications: • Upwards operation • Easy and rapid assembly with click-on door fixing • No hinges required • No stabilization bar required • Door and weight adjustments • SlowMotion technology for controlled and silent closing Made in Italy  

CEMUX Inner Drawer System – 199mm High with FROSTED GLASS

From $80.00
Order below items separately for 199mm High Inner Drawer - WHITE
    1. CEMXU 84mm High drawer 11.A3201 (Sizes available: 270mm - 550mm)
    2. Back Bracket 199mm L/R - WHITE
    3. Front Section 1200mm - WHITE
    4. Cross Square Rail 1200mm - WHITE
    5. Front Inner Drawer Bracket L/R 199mm - WHITE
    6. 199mm High Frosted Glass L/R
    7. 199mm High Glass Fastener L/R

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